Who Are We?

Racing Chocs Ltd is a family run business, who specialise in creating motorsport themed treats that make ideal gifts for sponsors, hospitality guests and anyone who has an interest in motorsport. Our chocolates are shaped and decorated to resemble racing helmets. These decadent dark, milk and white chocolate treats are available with a variety of fillings and colourful external designs, inspired by the motorsport legends of past and present.

The company was formed in 2018 by Matthew Poat, who is well known in the motorsport industry, having worked for companies such as Stack, Variohm and Race-Keeper over the past ten years. Matthew also created the free motorsport recruitment and networking platform Pitlane Industries in 2017, which has helped countless mechanics and engineers find work with race teams.


The Manufacturing Process

Each mould is thoroughly cleaned and buffed to ensure a shiny finish to our chocolates. Then coloured cocoa butter is either hand painted or sprayed into the mould with an airbrush to create the vibrant and colourful helmet designs that help you easily tell our caramels from our strawberry creams. Once this coloured cocoa butter has firmed up, we pour in tempered chocolate, coating the insides of the mould and forming the racing helmet shell. We then pour out the excess chocolate and leave it to firm up. Once this has set, we apply our chosen filling and then seal them up.

After 24 hours the chocolates are ready so we ease them out of the moulds for inspection. If the chocolate has been correctly tempered, all of the racing helmets will have a perfect shine, won’t melt in the hand and have a satisfying crack when eaten. Any that fail to meet this criteria are immediately eaten by the chocolatier.