The Chocolate Academy

July 3, 2018

On the 9th of July, I will be attending a five day training course at Callebaut’s UK Chocolate Academy in Banbury –

This course focuses on all aspects of starting your own chocolate business. Here is the full itinerary:

Day 1

  • Introduction to the Chocolate Industry
  • Theoretical explanation of the journey from cocoa bean to finished chocolate bar
  • Factory Tour
  • Professional Chocolate Tasting
  • How to choose the right Chocolate for the right Application
  • Review of UK supplier contacts to assist you in Planning a Small Chocolate Business
  • Explore the Callebaut Website for Tutorials on Chocolate Techniques
  • Environmental health and trading standards guidelines

Day 2

  • Science of Tempering Chocolate Presentation
  • Ideal Working and Storage Environments
  • Identifying Common Faults within Chocolate Production
  • Hand Tempering : Table Top : Seeding : Microwave tempering
  • Practical Session covering: Chocolate Bars : Bark : Figures : Lollipops : Moulded Chocolates by Hand
  • Preparation of Fillings
  • Machine Options – First Purchase Consideration
  • Selling Tips & Negotiation Workshop

Day 3

  • Production using Automatic Tempering Machines
  • Modern Decoration Techniques using Coloured Cocoa Butters and Creative Powders
  • Short and Long Shelf Life Ganaches for Moulded and Enrobed Chocolates: including cold and hot Infusions : Science behind Ganaches
  • Chocolate Truffles Classical and Contempory Decoration
  • Traditional and Creative Easter Eggs
  • Marketing Trends Presentation

Day 4

  • Shelf Life of Chocolate Consideration
  • Parameters that affect Shelf Life
  • How to Calculate the Shelf Life of a Ganache and change it to the Shelf Life you need to meet customer expectation
  • Enrobing of Chocolates by Hand and Machine
  • Making of Chocolate Products currently on Trend
  • Group Dinner with the Academy Team
  • Insight into Human Resources considerations

Day 5

  • How to Improve your Marketing with Effective Social Media
  • Marketing Trends Presentation
  • Environmental Health and Trading Standards consideration
  • Labeling of Chocolate Boxes
  • Professional Packaging of products made over the weeks course
  • How to Store Finished Chocolates
  • Selling and Costing of Chocolates Guideline
  • Where now? One to One Business Target Consultation

This course sounds like the perfect way to turn my idea of making chocolate racing helmets into a legitimate business.